The New Pathways to Gold Society Board of Directors were in Ashcroft on Thursday for their quarterly meeting and we treated to a tour of the artwork being created for the Harmony Project. Artist Marina Papais explained the unique, original artwork being produced to the directors. The artwork is a unique fusion of styles using mosaics and photographs. The panels represent the different ethnic communities who have helped build Ashcroft. The NPTGS Directors were very impressed by the artwork and the stories behind many of the pieces. What would a tour be without a group photo? From left to right: NPTGS First Nations Co-chair Cheryl Chapman, Secretary Brent Rutherford, Multicultural Director Lily Chow, Director James Hobart, Executive Director Gord Rattray, Co-Chair Terry Raymond, Director Mike Retasket, Harmony Project artist Marina Papais, Director Roy Christopher. The artwork will go into a structure that includes a tower containing a Peace Bell, which visitors will be encouraged to ring for world peace. NPTGS has contributed $14,000 to this amazing project, which is joint initiative of the Ashcroft Rotary and Lions Clubs and enjoys wide (and enthusiastic) community support. Check out the NPTGS Facebook page for more pictures!