Small Projects Grants Funding Program

Harmony Project

Harmony Project

The NPTGS Small Projects Funding Program provides funding to community-based initiatives that promote the Society’s core principles of economic development via heritage tourism, First Nations reconciliation and Multiculturalism. Applicants are required to demonstrate community/First Nations support and matching/other financial support for their projects. Since its inception, the program has funded many small projects, including the Two Rivers Remix Society ($5,000 for an Indigenous youth music festival), the Ashcroft Indian Band Mosaics Project ($4,825 for a First Nations reconciliation project), the Rivershed Society (for FraserFest 2020) and the Canim Lake First Nation ($2,000 to assist in staging their annual powwow).

Recent grants include:

Friends of the Bouchie-Milburn Society ($5,000): to provide funding for the 4th annual Billie Bouchie Day celebrations. the event will be staged on the Bouchie Lake Recreation Grounds and includes First Nations dancing, Metis jiggers, music, demonstrations and displays.

Gold Rush Trails Marketing Video ($5,000): Granted to the Cariboo Chilcotin Coast Tourism Association to fund Gold Rush Trails Marketing video, “Storytellers along the Gold Rush Trail.” The 10-15 short videos will feature stories told by local residents to enliven and enrich the spectacular landscapes in and around their communities. Indigenous and non-Indigenous stories will be told.