Sept. 27, 2008: The Fraser River Lecture Series “River of Diversity” kicked off at the University of Northern British Columbia. The lecture was conceived and developed by Langara College instructor Rick Blacklaws (pictured here), who was joined at the first lecture in the Agora Lecture Theatre by Richard Mackie of the University of Victoria in their discussion of the Fraser River on a broad, provincial perspective. Joan Chess of the Fraser Basin Council also spoke, discussing the collaborative approaches the Council developed in undertaking regional studies of economic and environmental sustainability.

The series focused on the river’s ecological diversity and the significance of the Simon Fraser Bicentennial. Coordinated by the New Pathways to Gold Society, the series gave the public opportunities to participate and learn about the history of the Fraser River as well as the role it continues to play in defining our province, our communities and ourselves. Lectures were scheduled to take place in Quesnel, Lillooet, Abbotsford and Vancouver.