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Current and Ongoing Projects

Since founded in 2007, NPTGS has raised and/or leveraged over $4.5 million for projects and contributed nearly $3.55 million to local communities. Working with its partners, the Society has also built or restored over 230 kilometres of heritage trails, launched and/or completed 18 major projects and staged 165 events, performances, symposia and lectures. Check out our current projects and have a look at those we’ve completed with our partners along the Gold Rush/Spirit Trails.

Alexandra Bridge Preservation and Park Site Visioning Project
In partnership with the Spuzzum First Nation

NPTGS is proud to be among the partners in this exciting project led by the Spuzzum First Nation to preserve the historic 1926 Alexandra Bridge and develop the adjacent site’s heritage tourism potential. Project partners also include the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure as well as community organizations and local businesses.

Heritage Trails Project
Working with its partners, the NPTGS has built or restored over 230 kilometres of heritage trails in the Hope-Barkerville corridor. Current projects include the Xatśūll Trails (in partnership with the Xatśūll First Nation) and Gold Rush Snowmobile Trail (in partnership with District of 100 Mile House and National Trails Coalition). NPTGS is also working with communities to restore sections of the Cariboo Waggon Road from Yale to Barkerville via the Cariboo Waggon Road Restoration Project.

Gold Rush/Spirit Trails Brand Marketing Strategy
NPTGS has played a leading role in this partnership with the Cariboo Chilcotin Coast Tourism Association and associated Regional Destination Marketing Organizations to reinvigorate the marketing of the Gold Rush/Spirit Trail brand.

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What is NPTGS?

A non-profit, non-partisan organization, NPTGS partners with First Nations, communities, and all three levels of government to develop and deliver projects supporting local economies and creating heritage tourism assets.
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First Nations & NPTGS

We are dedicated to promoting a grassroots reconciliation process between First Nations and communities based on a stronger understanding of our shared history. Read More ›

Recent Projects

NPTGS has worked with its partners to build or restore heritage trails, launched/completed 18 major projects and staged 165 events, performances, symposia and lectures. Check out our projects portfolio.
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